Its All About Yew!

The Yew tree, Taxus baccata is an ancient and mythical species of tree which can be found throughout the northern hemisphere. The Greeks, Romans, Celts and North American Indians all made use of this amazing and remarkable tree in the production of tools, weapons and household items as well as using it in religious ceremonies.

Welcome to El Salvador – The Country of Your Life!

The Country of Your Life! El Salvador is considered one of the main countries with most activity and history in Central America, a fascinating region in the Americas. From San Salvador, the capital city of the country, to Ahuachapan and Santa Ana, El Salvador is a place of friendly people and beauty, where there are

The Orders of Architecture

The principal legacy to the modern architect and decorator from the artists of Classic antiquity has been in the so-called “Orders of Architecture.” This name has led to some confusion in the mind of the layman. It is in reality a term meaning a column and entablature. The column is a support and the entablature